We’re expanding!!! 

Introducing Specialty/Custom Programs & Offerings to Anyone, Anywhere!

Both our expertise in creating our programs and services AND the demand for them have rapidly increased on a massive scale over the last decade. 

Then 2020 happened, only ushering in more the passion and conviction to be and bring the power of what we do to more people and places.

We are proud to announce that have we have created a new approach for that to be possible, to ANY person or entity, in ANY city!!

So we hope to come for YOU, next… Find out how.

We’re taking the show on the road withour upgraded mission statement:

To create individual and collective healing, unity, and transformation through the power of music

Because we’ve learned through our work the last decade that
Music Can Save A Life…

But we believe
Music Can Save Humanity too.

There are now SO many ways you can partner with

or bring The Beat of Life to YOU

whether you are an entity or an individual!

*** All Programs offered either virtual or live, in person as feasible/per request***

We can’t wait to get back to being live in person with you!  But unless or until that is possible, we have specifically built your 100% VIRTUAL choice to be delivered as highly engaging and interactive as possible!

Create a Program For Your Organization/Agency

If your organization falls under one of current Signature Programs and serves the following clients:

  • Redemption Songs – Incarcerated 
  • Beautiful Minds – Mental illness
  • Sing It To Stop It – Youth 

OR if you serve any another group of individuals, and would like to partner with The Beat of Life to create a new program

…We would be honored to partner with and serve you!

We serve:

  • Jails/prisons
  • Re-entry or halfway houses/recovery centers and groups
  • Mental health residential facilities or hospitals
  • Schools/classrooms
  • Youth centers 
  • Group residential homes
  • Churches or small groups
  • Both Non-Profit & For-Profit Corporations
  • Etc.

Programs can be created and customized as

  • One Day, Two Day, or Three Day workshops/events
  • Weekly or Monthly Programs 
  • One-time, On-going, Quarterly, or Yearly
  • Temporary or Residencies
  • Retreats

Our signature “Music Can Save A Life” Program Components can include any or all of the following:

  • Educational
  • Sociological imagination
  • Cognitive Reframing through Music
  • Interactive Exercises and Self-Reflective Activities
  • Inspirational Stories & Speakers
  • Songwriting 
  • Recording/ Production Experiences
  • Albums
  • Concerts
  • 1:1 Mentoring
  • Program Surveys/Data Tracking
  • Certificates
  • Personalized Branding
  • Media Exposure

*Due to intellectual property trademarks, we are able to share specific program module only with serious interested parties at request only*


Group Songwriting Workshop Sessions 

To tackle a critical need for or unite your entity

OR you design what you want your workshop to look like and we bring the team of songwriters to bring your vision to life!

Individual Pro Songwriting Sessions w/ one of our top Nashville songwriters

Learn or hone your craft with weekly or monthly plan or one time session to simply write a song

Choose from a list of songwriters in our roster or allow us to match you, based on our highly personalized matching expertise

Booked in 3 hour time slots



2020 brought a life change for us all.  Write your 2021 “LIFE SONG” on:

  • Lessons learned
  • Your own anthem of change
  • A triumphant moment
  • Your message to the world
  • Tribute/memorial for a loved one

Treat and inspire yourself

OR Gift for someone who could use uplifting

OR Take it on as a company or team theme song

Songs professionally produced and mastered for an additional fee

Music Mentor Program

Consider it like a big brother or sister, but a musical one, as your one-on-one guide through all your personal music goals

  • Songwriting
  • Learn an instrument of choice (guitar, bass, keys, drums)
  • Vocal Sessions
  • Artist/Band Development
  • Music Production/Recording
  • Music Business
  • Music as a Therapy
  • Any of our signature “Music Can Save A Life” Program Components

Sessions booked for all ages:

  • Youth 5-12
  • Teens 13-18
  • Adults 19+

Can be booked as one time or weekly, monthly, quarterly options

Inspirational Speaking & Music Presentation Packages:

Keynotes featuring a combination of dynamic speakers alongside Nashville pro/hit songwriters with messages, music, and stories adapted to your needs as a winning presentation to inspire any group or event.

Available Presentations:

  • Music Can Save A Life
  • Music Can Save Humanity
  • Your Brokenness is Your Gold – Transforming Adversity into Your Gift

Or we can plan a presentation around your organization or event’s theme!

Words are powerful.  

We’ve learned that perhaps more than ever before today.

And added to music…?  Well… Nothing else is a match.

How about we harness them together for good?  For YOUR good??

Let us take your goals and needs today and use our decade of expertise and amazing team of pros to turn it into something incredibly powerful and special.

BOOK TODAY at our special introductory rate! 

How it works:

  • Fill out our interest form
  • Connect and evaluate goals and needs
  • Develop plan
  • Implement