Music Can Save A Life

But Maybe Music Can Save Humanity too

A new message for a new time

Because The Times Are A-Changin’





Loss of life


Job loss 


Financial ruin


Mental illness and decline

Social and racial injustice

Political fractures









Mass Incarceration 


Me Too Movement



Broken homes 

Broken relationships 



Self Harm


Restoring Life

“I just want to get back to life again…”

It’s the refrain we all have heard and probably voiced ourselves over and over again for the last year.

We’d like to think that what was arguably one of the worst years of our current generation is behind us… But vast amounts of wreckage remain.

While the world has always been fraught with overwhelming challenges, life as we knew it seemed to be ripped to unidentifiable shreds in the year 2020.  

It’s left each of us, no matter our personal situations, feeling a deep loss of LIFE  in every sense of the word, as all we have known of it disappeared without warning, and has had to be redefined… with no easy answers and seemingly endless unknowns.

We’re all still recalibrating and figuring out what life will look like in the future… for ourselves, our families, our organizations, our communities, our nation, and our world.

But what we do know is that we have no choice but to move forward in this strange new reality we’ve been hurled into – and to do so, we must find as many tools as possible to enable us to rise up and out of it all… and find a semblance of healing, unity, inspiration, hope and a powerful new path to LIFE again. 

And that’s exactly what we’ve always been about here at The Beat of Life.

We’ve spent the last decade using the power of music to shine a spotlight on most of these very issues, serving the least and most vulnerable and underserved among us, with our signature tagline, “Music Can Save A Life”. 

We’ve been on the frontlines of societal change and giving voice to the most critical social issues of our times, all while never once imagining what future world we could possibly be planting seeds for.

Now that these critical issues have all been pushed into what’s now an emergency crisis level and onto the national and global stage… we can’t help but think we’re all the more perfectly positioned for such a time as this.


And so, we’re honored at The Beat of Life to be able to step into this pivotal moment of time and be suppliers of restoring LIFE again… by doing what we’ve always done best, with one of most powerful tools on earth:


The Power of MUSIC.


“It’s been a long, a long time comin’ but I know a Change is Gonna Come…” 

-Sam Cooke

There are very few things unifying us in our nation right now.

But there still exists one thing we can certainly and unequivocally agree on – the universal power of music.


Music is one of the most extraordinary healing tools that exists, and possesses the ability to touch the human spirit and transform lives perhaps more profoundly than anything else in the world.  We all understand this on at least some basic level. Most of us use music every day as a personal therapy for the body, mind, spirit, and soul – likely without even realizing we are using it as such.  No matter what challenge we may face, we have used it to motivate, lift up, encourage, comfort, inspire, remind, and teach us.  Music has brought us energy, enthusiasm, laughter, exhilaration, much-needed tears, and the courage and strength to fight our battles.  It has helped us to access emotions that may have been dormant, to change our behaviors, and to overcome often horrific circumstances, or aspire to dreams of greatness.  Music has the universal power to bring new life to any person or group of people, anywhere, at any time, transcending all human boundaries, all human circumstances, and all human hearts.

But throughout history and for generations, music has also served to unite us as mankind, as a fellowship of brother-and-sisterhood.  Songs that have brought the world together in times of great turmoil and in climates of social unrest have served as a rallying cry to remind us of what we ALL value and believe in, and what we have in common no matter our color, race, age, religion, politics or worldview.

And so, the “why” for our existence at The Beat of Life matters more now than ever before.

Because perhaps now, too… we can harness the same potential and might that music has always carried to restore not only LIFE, but also our HUMANITY.

Restoring Humanity

2020 forced the entire world to reflect and regroup and reset.  So we did too.  

We’re doing what we’ve always done… but taken to a higher level with a timely focus. 

Our upgraded mission statement:

To create individual and collective healing, unity, and transformation through the power of music

Because we’ve learned through our work the last decade that

Music Can Save A Life…

But we believe 

Music Can Save Humanity too.

What do we mean by this, exactly?  Humanity is defined as the human race, all of the people together that live on earth.  But it’s also a word for the qualities that make us human.  Essentially, the soul of mankind.

And we at The Beat of Life have not lost faith in that humanity… not in all of us as fellow inhabitants on this planet, and not in the state of humankind and our capacity for those human qualities that we all value.   So it’s now built into our redefined vision to include in our mission the restoring of BOTH.


Doesn’t that list of words sound so much better? How about a few examples of what we’re talking about?

With each revolution of our planet, brave souls are rewriting the album of human history.  Want to be a part of it??

We invite you to explore and see what we’ve done and what we’re doing now and let us know if we can help restore you and yours too.